Mencari Jodoh

Ramalan Jodoh – Until now, the Supreme Court (MA) has not responded to the appeal filed Ahmad Dhani about divorce cases and custody of children to Maia Estianty. Maia chose to wait for the decision of the Supreme Court rather than rush siri marriage.

Primbon “I could have if you want to get married, get married by siri ya can. I’m a Muslim. But if a country, ya can not get. And I want to find a baseball problem. All in MA’s not finished yet. So now his focus was music only. An thing that can be beneficial, “said Maia met at Studio Penta, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Monday (3 / 5).

Because the status is still an appeal, means that Maia was not legally allowed to marry again. Maia himself admitted, had not been invited to ride escort for the wedding. He dismissed rumors with businessman Kalimantan.

“Who is that? This is who else, crazy times well. If I’m ugly do not love me,” he argued.

Mother Al, El, is now focusing Dul build a new management company that blazed the way, Le Moesiek. Moreover, there are artists who recently joined and ready diorbitkan Maia.

“I’m launching a new artist, his name is Gia. He’s from artist management to me, two guys, concepts such as Queen, but this guy. We’re more into the record label, and once I was in charge of its management,” the light of this musician.

Because of the busy artist in his management, Maia rarely appears on television. “If it is too often appear on TV, people get nostalgic baseball. I wanted to look, there, come again, gone again. Enggak really want people to see me puke,” he said.

Incredibly busy, frontman Duo Maia did not waive this matter to find a mate, although about a man rather than primary.

“Couples I live for baseball because of the number one job for me now. Business I’m just one baseball. So just focus on baseball in there (a mate). If you seek, you seek. But not yet, not yet seen the point,” added Maia said, laughing.


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