Prediksi Brasil VS Korea Utara Pas

Prediksi Brasil VS Korea Utara – Brazil’s many favorite underdog as the 2010 World Cup champions South Africa. Together with Spain, they are on top. But Dunga’s previous besutan team to go through the harshness of death group, group G. They were joined by Portugal, Ivory Coast, and North Korea (Korea). Final state is considered the weakest, but at the same time the most mysterious. Incidentally, North Korea is also the one who became Brazil’s first opponent at the World Cup in 2010.

Brasil VS Korea Utara – Yes, an early day, nicknamed the Samba team will fight against the North at Ellis Park Stadium, Johannesburg. Will North Korea presents a surprise or even an all-out got beat by Brazil “(RCTI Direct Impressions at 1:30 pm).” Korea is a mystery and nobody knows about North Korea. We came up with courage and we can only win over Brazil. All otang thought we could not win, but we have a strong heart, “said Jong Tae-Se, North Korea striker, told Soccernet.

North Korea’s strength is difficult to map. Not only the social life of North Koreans, but also to their football team. Moreover, the players are generally trafficked to South Africa to play in N Korea plus three players who defended the club outside of North Korea. Therefore, even though Brazil are in the top of FIFA rankings and North Korea are only at number 105, but Brazil was reluctant to underestimate. Because, World Cup winners five times is still blind to the strength of the opponent.

“I do not know anything about them. I only watched one episode in test matches they played. We are still awaiting the results of observations of Brazilian coaches to give more information,” explained Ramires, Brazil midfielder.

Brazil did not want to get too confident and very shocked. North Korea had a surprise at the World Cup in 1966. At that time, they beat Italy and hold a series of Chile. Korea advanced to the quarter-finals before losing to Portugal.

Brazil wary attitude unreasonable. However, apart from that, Dunga care team remained with the opportunity to beat N Korea a big score. It was quite reasonable. Because, based on N Korea test results with some countries, they are not stable.

In five games last test they lakoni, North Korea three times to swallow the defeat of Nigeria, Paraguay, and Mexico. The rest, they played the series with Greece and South Africa. Compare with Brazil is so powerful. Confederation Cup champions in 2009 it always wins in the last four trials. They beat a weak team like Tanzania and Zimbabwe with a score of 5-1 (3-0), and beat two home teams of the United Kingdom, Ireland (2-0) and England (1-0).

Though wary, believe Brazil can handle North Korea. “It’s hard to know anything about them. However, I’m sure coaches have been preparing all the analysis and video about them,” explained Felipe Melo, Brazil midfielder, quoted by Canadian Press. Brazil is in ready condition and have uneven quality on all fronts. Only, there is little problem in their team during the 2010 World Cup preparations, namely news antarpemain argument. Before Dani Alves vs. Julio Baptista, Kaka had no news noisy with Melo


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