Football Not Owned PSSI

Cheat Point Blank – Super League Polemic Indonesia (LSI) versus the Premier League Indonesia (LPI) is not endless. Member of Commission X Gede Pasek Suardika support digelarnya LPI and assess not only the affairs of the national football Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI).

Point Blank – Previously, Menpora Andi Mallarangeng also welcomed the LPI and claims PSSI must be involved in a competition that carried Arifin Panigoro, national entrepreneurs who are also Board of Trustees of Sports Development Foundation of Indonesia.

Now, back support flowing from Gede Pasek, which is none other than the Chairman of the Department of Youth and Sports of the Central Council (DPP), the Democratic Party.

“It makes the league haram? It’s funny. There have been willing to spend money to participate, so it must be supported, “said Gede, as found in the Media brainstorming event with the Youth and Sports Department of the Central Executive Board (DPP) Democratic Party in Jakarta, Thursday (23/09/2010).

“As more and more competition, the more passionate and also achievement will surely increase. Seeds will emerge, “he explained.

“Stop the ego of the board (PSSI) was thinking ‘this I hegemony’, as if the football legacy of his ancestors who later bequeathed it’s up to anyone.”

“Football belongs to all, so there may be other competition and they (PSSI) is only an umbrella. In fact, later on PSSI would be even more successful if there is another league, “he explained.

Gede added, PSSI should not claim itself as a sports company, who only think about stocks and profits. “So, who should wear sports mindset rather than industry,” due diligence.


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