After Miyabi, FPI Shutter Jupe

Rakta Charitra 2 Online – Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) again showed a firm stance after canceling plans coming Japanese porn icon, Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi, to Indonesia. Mass organizations led by Habib Umar Salim Alatas also plans to report pedangdut Julia Perez (Jupe) and Dewi Perssik (DP) to the police.

Rakta Charitra “Not just Miyabi is taxable, but the artist in our country must also tertibkan assumption that there is no favoritism,” Salim said when contacted in Jakarta, Sunday (05/12/2010).

FPI will report Jupe and DP with suspicion violation Pornography Law and the Law on Electronic Transactions (ITE). “We’ll report a particular artist in violation of naked photo spread on the internet,” said Salim.

Meanwhile, in a different place, the Vice Chairman of the DPD-FPI Habib Fachri Jakarta insists that his ministry would take action against DP photo also pose no profanity. “Moreover, the DP images, the deliberate cover up anunya (chest) with her hair, nor will we act firmly,” said Fachri.

Salim also said the FPI was forced to take firm steps because they assume the government is less readily with these social phenomena. “Yes we do because the government is less committed to running the Law antipornography and ITE,” press Salim.

Not only theorize, FPI is scheduled to be reported Jupe and DP to the Jakarta Police on Monday (12/06/2010). “The agenda Monday, God willing, in the afternoon. Representative I will be reported later,” said Salim.


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